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ImmaTurtl3 a posted May 10, 17

We are back! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrvVuwq5V7grSd0wC12R9sw

Hub and New Ip?

ImmaTurtl3 a posted Apr 23, 17

How is everyone doing?

We now have a Hub, and a new IP adress!

We added Creative and Factions, and kept Towny!

-- turtleworld.mc.gg --



ImmaTurtl3 a posted Apr 15, 17

Hello Turtle Crew!

Happy Easter!

Drop Party Tonight!

Hello Turtle Crew!

Okay guys, Max has decided we need a build team! If you are a good builder, a good person, and want a job on the server, then apply! I'll have a Application Sheet below! Thank you!

Application Requirments


Name: ___

Age: ___

Discord/Skype: ___

Pictures of your Builds: ___
Natural Build Skill: ___

If we like your application, MaxARS will test you in-game!

Thank You!

ImmaTurtl3 a posted Mar 27, 17

Hello Turtle Crew!

The amount of support lately has been amazing! Between donations, in-game playtime and just all around being great people <3
At this rate, the server will be up for months to come!!!!!

Thanks Guys, Ryan



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